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We are a forum for women and the LGBTQ community to stand up against street harassment, both physical and verbal. You have the right to feel safe and happy in public spaces without being the target of objectifying, homophobic or plain offensive speech. Don't walk on, Holla Back!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Acknowledge, Assess, Act

Streetharassmentdisruption.blogspot.com, a new site has recently come to my attention. The 3A's of Street Harassment blog explains, in great detail, street harassment perpetrators. It seeks to provide women with calculated responses (rather than responses made in the heat of the moment that are angry and unplanned) to harassment based on 3 guidelines: Acknowledge, Assess, Act.
It proceeds to basically profile many different kinds of perpetrators from "Charmer Wannabe" and "Peacocking Showoff" to the "Overgrown Bully" and "Opportunistic Predator".
It also gives an entire commentary on what bystanders, and male bystanders specifically, can do to help end street harassment.
This blog is a great resource for anyone wanting a more in-depth look at the ins, outs, whys, and hows of street harassment.

In other news, unfortunately the plans regarding the Sister Spit workshops have fallen through, but never fear, we are dedicated to getting this project off the ground and into the streets of Columbia, and you KNOW we have a few more tricks up our sleeves.

In the meantime, those who read this blog, please inform your friends and other acquaintances about us and encourage them to post stories about their experiences with street harassment!