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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ooh baby doesn't my threat turn you on?!

I live right in downtown Columbia and one day, about a week ago, I was sitting on the steps to my porch, enjoying the weather and a drink with my boyfriend.
I live right on a street corner, so anyone who stops at the stop sign is directly in front of me if I'm outside.
A car pulled up, and since we were sitting facing the street, I had to look into the car. There was a man in the passenger seat who turned to his right staring at me, with his head completely out the window. He winked at me and over-exaggerated liking his lips and air kissed me. I just raised my hands up and shook my head as if to say "What the hell are you doing? Can I help you?". The car finally pulled away, and I saw the man physically turn around in his seat to continue staring at me, so I circled my finger to say "Turn back around in your seat". This made him mad and he yelled from almost a block away, "I'LL BE BACK FOR YOU TONIGHT, BITCH", and with that the car sped off.
All I had time to do was yell "FUCK YOU" at him, and I'm sure he didn't hear me.

Obviously he was threatening me. He knew where I lived, or was staying, and he wanted me to think he would come back later to.....have a nice conversation? I don't think so! He wanted me to feel scared of him, and to worry that he would come back to harm me.
Well guess what, it didn't work. He made me think he was a loser and an idiot. Good job buddy!

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