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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3rd time is... STILL not actually charming.

This seems like this happens all the time and until now, I've just brushed it off or ranted to my friends, but I think telling these stories will empower us and help stop street harassment. Here are some of the encounters I've had in the last 6 months. Most of the the harassment I've received has happened during the summer.

I recall one evening I was walking to a friend's house to hang out, it wasn't too terribly late maybe 9ish and the street was pretty quiet.
I live on 5th and my friend lived only a few blocks away on 9th so I wasn't worried about walking alone.
These four dudes were standing in a group and as I passed on the other side of the street they began to yell "Hey, Cutie...What are you doing?" "Where are you headed to all by yourself?"
I didn't know how to respond, so I just played the nice card, politely smiled.
Then one of the dudes came up to me and introduced himself as "Blue", he asked me what I was up to and what I was doing out so late. I felt totally uncomfortable but didn't want to provoke anything so I just said I was going to my friend's and that it wasn't too late at all for me to be out and that I had to get going because I was late. He reached out for my hand saying something about how I'm so beautiful and he just wanted to touch me. I said no thanks and that I had to go because I was so late. I rushed off feeling small and pitiful and had my friend walk me back home later that night.

Another one happened again in the summer when I was leaving my house to walk downtown to the Peace Nook, and two guys were walking towards me. One was visibly drunk and started the cat calling. He stumbled towards me and tried to touch my hair. The other wrangled him in and apologized for his friend's behavior, and then let me go on my way.

And finally, this one happened just two weeks ago...when I was walking home during the snow storm.
My nose was running, my glasses were fogged and as I passed the court house on Walnut street a man walking past remarked, "Girllll, you sure are looking finnnnnnnnnne" and then proceeded to keep saying "Owwww, girllllll" as I passed.
I didn't say anything or really even look at him. I was so angry that this keeps happening to me and that I don't seem to know what do to about it.

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